Becoming a Delegate

Process for Application as Delegate


Limerick Diocesan Synod

  • Friday 3rd October - A Letter of invitation from Bishop Leahy will be sent to Parish Priests and Pastoral Councils, including ‘Criteria to Consider in Reviewing Applications’, ‘Application to be a Synod Delegate’, ‘Process for Application as Delegate to the Synod’ and ‘Synod Delegate Recommendation Form’.
  • A similar invitation will be issued to other communities within the diocese from whom delegates will be sought.
  • Letter of invitation made available to parishioners for three weeks, along with application forms and copy of the Bishop’s pastoral on the Diocesan Synod.
  • Interested parishioners and others to complete application forms and submit to parish priest and pastoral council
  • In collaboration with the parish pastoral council or other parish leadership team, the parish recommends candidates to Bishop Leahy to serve as Delegates to the Synod
  • All applications are due in to parish clergy and/or Pastoral Councils by Wednesday 22nd October.
  • All recommendations from parishes, as well as all completed applications are due at the Diocesan Office by Wednesday 29th October.

Criteria for reviewing Delegate applications

The criteria are to be found in the Holy See's 1997 Document on Diocesan Synods which says:

In selecting lay members of the Synod, Canon 512 no 2 should be followed in so far as possible.  To ensure the validity of their contribution for the good of the Church, it is important that the lay faithful taking part in the Synod should be chosen from amongst those distinguished by their ‘firm faith, good morals and prudence’. 

Canon 512 no 2 states “The members of Christ’s faithful assigned to the Pastoral Council are to be selected in such a way that the council truly reflects the entire portion of the People of God which constitutes the diocese, taking account of the different regions of the diocese, of social conditions and professions, and of the part played in the apostolate by the members, whether individually or in association with others”.

While not wishing to over exaggerate the commitment, it is necessary to point out that those who become delegates will be expected to engage actively in the process leading up to the Synod.

A delegate also must be:
  • Attentive to the grace and action of the Holy Spirit.
  • Aware of the needs of the Church in the Diocese of Limerick, and willing to study, as a foundation, documents relevant to their role.
  • Willing to commit the time necessary to participate in an orientation and/or formation process, including reading, study and attendance at preparatory meetings. Please note the first of these orientation days will take place on Saturday November 15th in Mary Immaculate College from 10:30a.m. to 5:30p.m. The Synod will be officially launched on Sunday December 7th in St John’s Cathedral at 12 noon Mass followed by a time of reflection and prayer in Mary Immaculate College.
  • Willing to facilitate, in collaboration with the priests and pastoral council, listening and discernment sessions for parishioners.
  • Able to participate for the entire length of the Synod session, to take place over 3 days in Spring 2016.
  • Committed to work in a spirit of prayer, dialogue and consensus building, with a willingness to listen to and respect the ideas of others.

Download the Application Form here

Become a Delegate. Be the Difference!

Diocese of Limerick Application to be a Synod Delegate

According to the requirements of canon law, a delegate must be a person of “firm faith, good morals and prudence”. Please download the application form, complete it and then your application to your Parish Priest, if you are interested in serving as a Synod Delegate.

Download the Application Form here