Niall McLaughlin in Limerick

The Limerick Diocesan Synod welcomed world renowned architect Niall McLaughlin to Limerick as part of its Synod preparations. 

Fr. Éamonn Fitzgibbon, Niall McLaughlin & Bishop Leahy 

Saturday 7th October 2015       

It might seem strange to some that an architect should be part of a Synod process but when Bishop Brendan Leahy declared his intention to hold a Synod he stated that “It is my hope that this process leading up to the Synod over the next year and a half will involve as many people as possible throughout the diocese.” Hosting a visit by Niall is one way of connecting and reaching a wider audience. Of course, the event is of particular interest to those who have an interest in the arts, architecture, liturgy, worship and of course to both professionals and students in the fields of architecture and engineering. It also reminds us that the Church needs to be in dialogue with the modern world.

In this spirit Bishop Brendan invited architect Niall McLauglin to Limerick on Wednesday October 7th. Niall McLaughlin is a London based, Irish educated, architect who won Young British Architect of the Year in 1998. His designs have won many awards in the UK, Ireland and the US and having previously won the Stirling award he has again been nominated for this prize for his work on social housing in London.

While in Limerick Niall gave two inputs one on his secular work focusing on regeneration projects in Hull and social housing in London. He also spoke to his religious projects with examples of churches and prayer space which he has designed. Indeed, Niall McLaughlin’s Church designs have recently been acclaimed, both in specialist journals and in leading British newspapers. He linked aspects of secular and non-secular through his own stunning architectural projects.

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