Role of a Delegate

Delegates are drawn from wide and varied strands of diocesan life. Some have been nominated by parishes while others represent different communities within the diocese representing many aspects of our diocesan faith community.

While delegates represent their community or parish it is not in the sense of a “political liaison” between Synod and constituency. Rather, each Delegate is commissioned from a parish or community to literally ‘re-present’ the concerns, observations and needs of the community to the Synod and also report back to the parish or community. In all of this the delegate is guided by the Holy Spirit to bring that particular voice to the process. Each Delegate is also asked to embark on a personal formation journey to ascertain a better understanding of the diocese and one’s own faith.

Requirements of the Delegates:

Time Commitment

We are conscious that we do not want to overly burden delegates by demanding too much of them in terms of time commitment. To this end we have concertinaed formation and training into a full day every few months. It is expected that delegates will need to dedicate one full Saturday to the process each quarter.

At the moment the dates for Delegate Formation are Saturday November 15th and January 31st.

The synod will be officially launched on Sunday 7th December in St John’s cathedral at the 12 noon Sunday Eucharist and delegates are requested to be present at the Mass in which they will be commissioned

Formation of the Delegates

There will be a variety of opportunities for formation provided to the Delegates free of charge and attendance at these is optional. Please note that no in depth theological knowledge is required. There are currently three such lectures planned for Spring 2015:

  1. Wednesday 11th March – ‘Understanding Limerick’ – Dr. Niamh Hourigan
  2. Wednesday 18th March - ‘Why we need a Synod’ Dr. Gerry O’Hanlon SJ
  3. Tuesday 24th March - ‘The History of Synods in Ireland’ Dr. Salvador Ryan
Further Information:

A basic knowledge of computers and Internet use will be helpful for the Delegates to receive information and updates. A working email address for communications purposes will be very helpful and access to the Internet (online study / formation classes).

Please note that delegates may be required to undergo Garda vetting in accordance with State requirements and Best Church Practice.