Flyer / Poster / Questionnaire / Reporting Templates for Parishes

View and download different templates that may be of use for informing people in your parish about the Synod.

A general poster/flyer on the Synod encouraging people to have their say

This can be used as a flyer for house drops or as a poster in the Church or other public places.

Download this Poster / Flyer here



Poster for advertising Parish Synod Events

A poster to advertise specific parish events (assembly, small group gatherings etc.)

Download this Poster here






A questionnaire (with the 3 questions) for printing and leaving at the back of the Church (or other public places) which people complete in hard copy.

Download this Questionnaire here





Poster to indicate a return box

A poster to indicate a return box where people can drop back their completed (hard copy) questionnaires.

Download this Poster here





Reporting template for Parish Events

One of these should be completed for each event to report the feedback received during a parish assembly/small group meeting/focus group etc.

Download this Reporting Template here